Weigh-your-own suitcases


For passengers struggling to meet airlines’ ever-decreasing luggage weight limits, a new suitcase with built-in scales could make flying easier. The smart black TUL case has an LCD display that states the cumulative weight of the case with each new item you put in. The downside? It doesn’t yet exist – the concept has been […]

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The Next Big Thing: China’s floating city


With museums, underwater hotels and a theme park, a new “floating city” is set to lure travellers to China’s coast. Further evidence of China’s seemingly insatiable appetite for unconventional edifices comes with newly unveiled proposals for the development of a “floating city”, complete with underwater chambers and a self-contained ecosystem, off the country’s coast. Its […]

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A Guide to the best Scottish Islands


If asked to guess, how many islands would you say there are in Scotland? A few dozen perhaps, or a couple of hundred? Would you raise an eyebrow if we told you it’s actually more than 700? And that Scotland has more than 10% of Europe’s entire coastline? That’s a lot of islands to explore […]

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