Top 10 things to do when you go to Dubai

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Dubai is not just an interesting place and a city that has caught the attention of foreign visitors.

In fact, the tourism itself has increased that made Dubai grab the eighth spot among the top 10 cities, which are being visited by people globally.

Aside from the business transactions, in lieu with oil and natural gas that some of its importers are providing, there are other reasons and things that can be done when one would decide to visit the city and stay there for a while.

Below are the 10 things to do when you got to Dubai.

1. Experience a Ride with Dhow Across Dubai Creek


It is also called as an Abra ride. This is one way of discovering the culture and romanticism of the dune city. It can be shared by most of the couples, family members, and friends. It is open during the day and even at night, where you could ride to open-air motor dhows of the Abra Ferry. You could take a one-hour private trip depending on the agreement that you could get from its owners. You could enjoy views of Deira’s skyline and the Bastakia’s wind towers.

2. Enjoy their Beaches


You cannot miss the beaches in Dubai, especially that this city is one of the hottest places on earth. This is the reason why there are growing numbers of shopping centers or malls to cool down body temperature of people. Hence, you could visit the Jumeirah beach, Al Mamzar which is a public beach, and Kite beach.

3. Be Obsessed With their Golf


Golf is such a favorite sport and pastime of people in Dubai where you could find a group of celebrities playing on their greenest and well-defined golf courses. You could visit the Emirates Golf Club, Dubai Creek Golf, the Yacht Club, and the famous private golf course called Tiger Woods Dubai.

4. Visit the Man-Made Palm-Tree Shaped Island, and other Islands


It is acknowledged by the city as the eighth wonder of the world because of the stunning man-made creation of creativity. It is a palm-tree shaped island called as Palm Jumeirah. There are other man-made islands in the city such as Jebel Ali, Deira, and the World.

5. Shop for Gold at Gold Souk


If there is a cheapest gold store in the world, you could only find it at Gold Souk in Dubai. You don’t need to haggle just to get the finest price that would fit your budget. You could see dazzling pieces of gold in the market which is never before seen in any places in the world. The amazing part of it is that it’s being displayed on a large scale. You could see bunches of golden earrings, bracelets, and necklaces on a tray. Take note, you could still haggle on the cost of their gold.

6. Eat at the Noble House


There are various restaurants that you can see in Dubai, some are established in order to buy cheaper selection of meals. Hence, if you want to feel a noble kind of meal, you should visit their noble house. There are various noble houses that you can check on, like Raffles, Oud Metha, Grosvenor house hotel, Hilton Dubai Creek, and of course, their authentic Chinese restaurant, their Noble House.

7. A Camel Ride in the Desert


Your trip in Dubai will never be complete without experiencing a camel ride in the midst of the desert. It would let you travel back to the time where there are no vehicles or any automotive for faster transportation. Camel safaris are done in a group, which is also called caravans. You pick your schedule whether you would do it in the morning, mid-day, and in the evening.

8. Great Skiing Experience at the Mall of the Emirates


Experience the longest (1,300 feet), and greatest skiing in the Mall of Emirates for. It’s up to you if you would get all the ski-gear available to them. They have lockers where you could keep your valuables, and you could bring your kids as well.

9. Tour Around at Dubai Mall with Your Comfy Shoes


Everyone would love to visit the biggest shopping mall in the world. It is true that Dubai is known for its shopping malls because of the temperature. Things that you could find at Dubai Mall are the 22-screen cinema, Kidzania for children, Sega World (indoor theme park), giant aquarium along with its underwater zoo, a full-sized ice rink, Dubai fountain, and a lot of things inside.

10. Have a Sweeping View at the 134th Floor of the Burj Khalifa


Another breathtaking building that you would not surely want to miss is the Burj Khalifa. It has 134 floors wherein, from the 134th floor, you could enjoy a sweeping view of the city. Since this building is like a needle-shaped spacecraft. It is also described as a wing of airplane where one could enjoy the view from the top whether at night or even during the day.

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